In some cases, Anyday in cooperation with the acquirer, Clearhaus, may request a guarantors undertaking. It is necessary for all entrepreneurial limited companies (danish company strucktur) or similar to fill out a guarantee statement to enter into a partnership with Anyday. In some cases, a guarantors undertaking will be requested from other company structure as well.

What is a guarantor's undertaking?

A guarantee statement is a document that binds an individual to provide a guarantee for his company. The document is legally binding.

Why do I have to sign a guarantor's undertaking?

This is because entrepreneurial limited companies can be set up for DKK 1, and the owner at the same time disclaims personal financial responsibility to the creditors. It is necessary for the acquirer to secure coverage in case the entrepreneurial limited company closes while there is a negative balance in the account at the acquirer.

Who fills out a guarantor's undertaking?

The owner of the entrepreneurial limited company must complete the guarantee statement. If there is more than one owner of the entrepreneurial limited company, all the company's owners must fill in a guarantee declaration.

Can I refrain from signing a guarantor's undertaking?

All entrepreneurial limited companies must sign a guarantor's undertaking to enter into a partnership with Anyday. The guarantor's undertaking only takes effect if the entrepreneurial limited company is closed with a negative balance, and thus with debt to the redeemer. Therefore, it is very rare for the guarantor's undertaking to take effect.

When is a guarantor's undertaking revoked?

A guarantor's undertaking can be canceled if your entrepreneurial limited company is changed to an ApS or A/S company. You must notify Anydayin order to have your guarantor's undertaking revoked.

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