Anyday - Our installment payment solution

What information do you need?

  • Real owner's full name

  • Contact person's name

  • Company name

  • CVR no

  • Company address

  • Website URL

  • Business category

  • Number of transactions

  • Average order size

  • Contact Information

In order to pay out your turnover from us, we must subsequently receive:

  • IBAN No. + Bank documentation

  • KYC documentation

Which shop systems do you support?

We integrate directly into:

  • WooCommerce

  • Magento 1

  • Magento 2

We are also an integrated payment solution in the following gateways:

  • Quickpay

  • OnPay

Will it affect my website in any way?

Whether you have the Anyday module installed directly on your website or through one of the supported gateways, it will not affect any of your regular features on your website.

Third-party plugin

If you use some plugins in your shop system that helps you with, respectively:

  • Payments

  • Order handling

  • Shipping

Please contact our support to make sure we support this plugin.

Which currency do you support?

Right now you can only accept orders with Anyday in DKK.

In special cases, we can pay out in currencies other than DKK, if this should be relevant to you, please contact our support.

How often are my orders paid out?

All your revenue through Anyday will be paid out weekly.

All the orders you complete and capture between one Monday and the following Monday will be paid out and you will receive them in your account the following Thursday.

The registered contact mail will also receive a notification with an overview of the settlement. With an overview of the individual order including fee etc.

How do I ensure that the customer pays?

Anyday assumes full credit risk. Your orders are paid out weekly according to the Terms & Agreement.

All purchases made through Anyday are secured by our partnership with Nordea Finans. It is your guarantee of receiving your money.

How are customers made aware of Anyday?

We can install our price widget on your website once you have set it up with us. This will appear discreetly at the product level, in the basket, and in the checkout.

Our price widget can be customized 100% to your website. It involves:

  • Location

  • Color

  • Font

  • Size

What does it cost?

It is always completely free for your customers to use Anyday. No hidden fees or interest.

For you as a partner, you can offer this fair installment solution to your customers for a transaction fee of 3.95%.

Anyday Pay - Our combined PSP and acquire solution

We need the following information about your company to open a merchant account:

1. Information about your company

For danish companies:

  • Country

  • CVR

  • Company’s name

  • Company’s phone number

For non-danish companies:

  • Pictures of registration papers

  • The picture needs to contain: registration number, registered name of the company, name(s) and address(es) of the owner(s) of the company


  1. If the content in the papers is not clear enough, we will ask you about a legal translation of the papers.

  2. Your company has to be registered in one of the EU28- or EEA-countries.

  3. ANYDAY is subjected to the law of Money Laundering, which means that it is our duty to know what kind of companies we are cooperating with.

2. Information about the owner(s) of the company

We need the following information about the owner(s) of the company:

  • Full name

  • Social Security number

  • Picture ID - A copy of driver’s license or passport

  • Address ID - A copy of Health Insurance card or a private invoice


  1. The pictures have to be clear enough

  2. ANYDAY is subjected to the law of Money Laundering, which means that it is our duty to know who owns the company.

3. Type of ownership

We need the following information about the type of ownership:

  • Is the company a one-man-business owned by the one who is managing it?

  • Is the company a one-man-business owned by another person, who is not the manager?

  • Is more than 25% of the company owned by one or more directly or indirectly?

  • Is there no one who owns more than 25% of the company directly or indirectly?

Note: ANYDAY is subjected to the law of Money Laundering, which means that it is our duty to know who owns more than 25% of the company directly or indirectly.

4. Insight in the business model

We need the following information about the company:

  • A short description of what you sell in your business

  • Example: Kitchen machines and other kitchen tools

  • The branded name of the company (if the company is branded under another name than the legal name)

  • Example: HomeWare Kitchen A/S is the legal name of the company but it is branded as HW Kitchen.

  • Information about any subscription payments – do you accept monthly or quarterly payments for ongoing service? Or do you have your own model of subscriptions?

Example: My company accepts subscription payments on paper straws with monthly payments.

Note: We are asking for this information because we want to know more about you, so we can provide you the very best service.

5. Bank account

We need the following information about your bank account:

  • IBAN-number

  • Swift code (BIC)

  • The currency you want your payouts in.

Note: With many of ANYDAYs payment options, you are able to accept all kinds of currency. We can pay you your money in DKK, EUR, SEK, NOK, GBP or USD.

Information for your customers

Your customers need to retrieve the following information at your online store:

  • The company’s terms and conditions

  • The company’s delivery policy

  • The company’s return and refund policy

  • The company’s privacy policy

  • Contact information to the company’s customer support

  • Product descriptor that will be shown on the customers’ bank statement

  • Descriptions and prices on the products and/or services offered

  • Updated information about the company and its contact information

  • VISA and MasterCard logos need to be visible on your website. If you wish additional payment options, we can refer to the selected payment option’s terms and conditions

The technical part

The following has to be installed on your online store:

  • Your online store must have an SSL certificate for the security of your customers’ payments at your online store.

  • The customer must approve your terms and conditions before buying

  • During a purchase of a subscription, the customer must approve the subscription terms and conditions before payment. There must be a link to the terms and conditions.

  • The customer must receive a receipt of their purchase after completing payment.

It is always a good idea to read what the Compliance Laws in your country requires of you like an online store owner.

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