If it is not possible for us to charge your monthly installment on your assigned payment card, you will receive an email regarding this. Then we will attempt to charge the amount again after 2 days. If it is still not possible to charge the amount a normal late fee procedure will start according to danish law.

The payment procedure is a follows:

  1. On the 20th of the month, you will receive an email, letting you know when and how much we will charge you for your next installment.

  2. On the last business day of the month we will charge your installment.

  • If we can charge it, your account will be updated and you will receive an email informing you that we have successfully charged your installment.

  • If we are not successful in charging your installment. You will receive an email letting you know that it was unsuccessful.

The late fee procedure starts if we were not able to charge the monthly installment, and is as follows:

  1. If we haven’t received a payment within 7 days, a late fee of 100 DKK will be added to your account. You will be notified with a reason why your payment has failed.

  2. If still haven’t received payments for your installment and late fee 10 days after the first late fee. A second late fee of 100 DKK will be added to your account. Again you will be notified that another late fee has been added to your account.

  3. The 3rd and last late fee that will be added to your account will be added if we still haven’t received payment for your installment and the two previous late fees, and will be added 10 days after the second installment.

  4. If we still haven’t received payment an additional 10 days later - a total of 37 days after the installment should have been paid. The full amount will be sent to a collection agency, and the Anyday Split account will be permanently closed.

Note: All notifications will be sent to you by both email and SMS.

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