There are a few possible reasons as to way your orders is not getting paid out:


  • All Anyday orders have to get captured just like all of your orders in you backend. If you have our payment option integrated through QuickPay, you can also capture the orders in you account with them.

  • We might still need KYC documentation from you, if that is the case you should have received an email about this. You can see if we still need it and uploaded it on your Anyday account.

Anyday Pay

  • There may have been set some requirements to your acquire account when it was created that have not yet been met. If this is the case you should have been informed about this at the beginning of our partnership. Ex. T&C needs to be updated, Contact information is missing, or other requirements.

  • Your acquire account might be set on a hold. You can contact us at or +45 81 81 61 81 and we will check if this should be the case.

Please do not hesitate to contacts us if you should have any questions regarding this.

Note: Your orders will be paid once a week, and will be on your bank account by every Thursday. The money will usually be on your account between 10.00 am and 02.00 pm.

Note: If you didn't get your payouts due to missing KYC documentation. As soon as we have received it, and approved the documents, all of your missing payouts will be paid out with your next payout.

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