If you are interested in getting Anyday on your website, you can start with contacting us on either our chat on our website, on our mail help@anyday.io or phone +45 81 81 61 81, and we will get you connected to an account manager who will answer any questions you may have, and get the process started.

When we have the small details ready, we will setup your account and then integrate Anyday on your website for free. All this can be done within 2 business days.


Our installment payment solution can be integrated directly into Magento 1 & 2 and WooCommerce with our module. Or most other shops systems as a payment solution through the PSP QuickPay.

We will ofcourse do both types of installations for free.

Anyday Pay

Our combined PSP and acquire solution can be install easily to all the most used shopsystem.

Once we have created the accounts, we can also install it on your website for free.

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