Depending on how Anyday has been integrated in you shop. You can either capture your orders directly in your backend or in the Quickpay manager.

If your website is build on Magento 1 or 2, or on WooCommerce, Anyday will be integrated directly on you backend with our modules.

With most other shopsystem Anyday will be integrated as a payment option through the PSP QuickPay. If you are getting this solution, you will be able to capture your Anyday orders in your backend and in your Quickpay manager.

If you already have Anyday Pay or are getting it, you will also have/get a Quickpay account. It will be the same account your Anyday orders will go through.

If you have a Quickpay account, but not through Anyday Pay, we will be able to set up Anyday on your current Quickpay account, and you will be able to handle your orders on that account.

If you don't have Anyday Pay or a Quickpay account, we will create a Quickpay Light account for you, and you will be able to handle your Anyday orders through that.

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