If you haven’t used Anyday Split before and therefore don’t have an account yet. There are two ways to get started.

You can either create your account while you are making your first transaction through Anyday. Or create it beforehand here.

The steps of creating an account is:

  1. Verify your phone number

  2. Verify your identity

  3. Connect your payment card

  4. Confirm account information and email.

To be able to create an account with Anyday Split, you need to be able to meet the following requirements:

  1. Approve terms and conditions.

  2. Be 18 years old or older

  3. Country of residence is Denmark

  4. Verify phone number via OTP.

  5. Verified your identity using NemID

  6. The data in the CPR registry is corresponding to the given information.

  7. Valid payment card information entered

  8. We are able to make a small authorization on your card

  9. The NemID is not already registered on another account.

  10. The email address and phone no. is not already present on another customer’s account.

Note 1: Anyday Split is currently only available in Denmark, that is why you need an address in DK. You are not able to use Anyday Split if you address is hidden or if you currently don’t have an address.

Note 2: If you are not able to receive SMS you can not be approved

Note 3: If you do not have NemID, you can not be approved

Note 4: We need to be able to make a small authorization on your card to verify that it is a valid payment card. The authorization will be removed almost immediately.

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