Listing dispute cases

You can manage dispute cases in your Clearhaus Dashboard. A dispute case represents a chargeback case. When a cardholder requests a chargeback to claim money back used in a transaction, it will appear as a dispute case.

  1. Login to your Dashboard

  2. Click into the tab: Disputes

Once you are at Disputes, there are 4 different states:

  • Open - Awaiting active disputes

  • Under review - The dispute case is undergoing a review of documentation and possible comments. If our agents have something to add, or in case of lacking documentation, the case will go back to Open for you to take action

  • Refuted - Documentation has been reviewed and sent to the issuer.

  • Closed - Won and lost dispute cases.

Refuting a dispute case

An explanation of the current stage on a given dispute case is provided. You are presented with a list of required documentation to be uploaded.

Under the function “Add comment” you can send us comments regarding the case to further clarify your claim.

Have in mind, that all comments made are only kept for internal use, and will never be sent to the issuer. You must upload all relevant documents and statements you consider important.

You can upload required documentation under “documentation” to back up your claim - documentation must be uploaded as a single PDF File.

If you have failed to respond to a dispute case before the due date, you can contact our support at +45 81 81 61 81 and they will help you figure out your options, however this will most often result in loss of the case.

After uploading the required documentation:

  1. Select the “Actions” drop-down button.

  2. Select “Refute”

Your dispute case will then be moved to the “Under review” state after selecting “Refute”.

One of our agents may contact you for further clarification comments.

If proper grounds are found for refuting the dispute case, the case moves to “Refuted” and the documentation is sent to the issuer.

Accepting a dispute case

If you do not wish to refute the case:

  • Select the Actions drop-down button

  • Select Accept

The dispute then moves to “Closed” once you click “accept”.

Note: A dispute case can have several stages. You may have to perform the above stages several times before a dispute is resolved.

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