The orders you receive with our installment payment solution Anyday, can at the moment only be paid out in DKK, as we are only available on the Danish market at the moment.

Anyday Pay

With Anyday Pay, we offer settlements in multiple different currencies. However, it is not possible to change it on a current merchant account.

You can have multiple merchant accounts, with different settlement currencies. To get that, you need to submit a new application. When we have evaluated your request and you’ve been approved, you will get a new account, a new MID-number, and a new API key.

This also means that you are able to split the traffic on your online shop, in case you are receiving different currencies on the same page.

Tip: We charge a small fee if you receive funds in one currency when a customer makes a transaction, and your merchant account is set to pay your settlement in another currency.

It might, therefore, make sense for you to have multiple accounts that have settlements in different currencies connected to your business. This way you might be able to save a bit of that hard-earned money.

Reach out to our support for more information about this.

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