To invite someone to your Clearhaus Dashboard, you should follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Clearhaus Dashboard

  2. Go to “Settings” which is located in the top right corner

  3. In the bottom right corner, you’ll now see the “Invite” function. Here, you simply write the e-mail of the person you wish to invite and send them the invitation. Hereafter, they’ll receive an invitation in their inbox, where they’ll be asked to create a user. They can now log in and see everything on your dashboard.

Tip: Everyone you invite will be able to see all your transactions. They will also be able to export your data through the “Export” function. It’s might be a good idea to invite

  • You’ll not be the only one who has access to your dashboard. Several people will be able to see your transactions.

  • Invite your accountant or bookkeeper, so they have a complete overview of your transactions. They will also be able to export data through the “Export” function, enabling them to keep your finances up to date.

Note: Your API-key should only be shared with people you trust since it contains your company details.

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