20000 - Approved

40110 - Invalid card number

40111 - Unsupported card scheme (we only support Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro)

40120 - Invalid CSC

40130 - Invalid expiry date

40135 - Card expired

40140 - Invalid currency

40150 - Invalid text on statement (the descriptor you used for the transaction is not the one approved by Clearhaus)

40190 - Invalid transaction (e.g. is you’re not allowed to do credit transfers)

40200 - Clearhaus rule violation (we set up specific rules for transactions in your website, contact support to clarify the rules for your agreement)

40300 - 3-D Secure problem (from the issuers’ side)

40310 - 3-D Secure authentication failure

40400 - Backend problem (issuing bank is not responding to approve the transaction)

40410 - Declined by issuer or card scheme (can be for various reasons, the cardholder needs to contact his bank to find out why)

40411 - Card restricted (restrictions put on the card by issuing bank, e.g. it is not allowed to be used abroad)

40412 - Card lost or stolen

40413 - Insufficient funds

40414 - Suspected fraud

40415 - Amount limit exceeded (on the card, e.g. credit limits)

50000 - Clearhaus error (glitch in system, contact us for more information)

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