If you want other people to have access to your QuickPay account, it is possible to invite extra users to your account.

This could be a bookkeeper, or maybe your accountant. It is also possible to give individual permissions for each user, so they only can read and change exactly the things you want them to.

Users who need full access can be set as Owners. Please note that an owner-user has all rights, and can therefore also delete an account.

  1. Go to Settings > Users, and click Invite user

  2. From our example, input your accountant’s mail address. The accountant will now receive an email, to set up a user at QuickPay (if they do not already have one), and accept the invitation from your account.

  3. Click the “user” that has just been added, and navigate to Permissions.

  4. Activate the desired permissions for your accountant.

If the new user needs full rights, click the Owner switch.

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