3-D Secure is a term of a group of systems that increase security in the payment process. In most cases, 3-D Secure is an extra security step, where the cardholder verifies their payment with a code sent to their phone to complete payment. It’s a group of systems to increase security.

The technology is marketed under names such as “Verified by Visa”, “Mastercard SecureCode” and “Secured by Nets”. It is an extra security layer for the business owner to assure the rightful use of payment cards by the actual cardholder. When using MasterCard or Visa also creates a liability shift, that makes chargebacks the responsibility of the cardholder. 3-D secure is part of your Anyday package, so there is no need for extra agreements to be made.

Flow Chart

Payment without 3-D Secure

Payment with 3-D Secure

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