With Anyday there is only a few reasons why a transactions may not have gone through.

Below is the reasons why a transaction may not be going through:

  • Consumer is registered in Bisnode

  • Consumer has hidden adresse

  • Consumer has insufficient credit on there Anyday account, credit limit 5.000 Dkk

  • Consumer has insufficient funds on there payment card (25% of the order value)

  • Issues with consumers card, ex. expired, stolen, blocked ect

  • Consumer left the transaction / not created an account

If you are in doubt about why a transaction isn't going through, we would in general suggest that you ask your customer to contact us for the reason, as we are most of the time not able to inform anyone but the consumer about why the order didn't go through, do to GDPR.

Anyday Pay

If one of your payments should fail. You can find the payment on either Quickpay or Clearhaus.

Depending on the error, you might be able to get more information from one account over the other.

In Quickpay, you need to sign in to your account here and go to "payments", here you can either search by the order ID or go to the "rejected" tab, and look for the order. When you've found the order you can click it, and you should be sent to the order page, where you can see the error code and a short explanation on what that mean.

In Clearhaus, you need to sign in here and go to "transactions", here you can also search for the order. When you've found the order, you can hover the mouse courser over the error code number in the "status" column, by doing so, you should get a short explanation on what the error was.

If you should be in doubt about what the error codes mean, you can see a list of the most common errors here.

You are also welcome to reach out to us on +45 81 81 61 81 or by email at

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